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Daniel Smith
Subjects studied: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Theatre Studies
Currently studying a Master of MEdical Research (MRes) in between 3rd and 4th year of MEdicine (MbCHb) at the University of Leeds.  ‘The teachers at Hemsworth were so supportive and helpful at helping me identify and achieve my ambitions and dream career.  Thanks to them I’m halfway through my medical degree with the ambition of becoming a Doctor within reach!’

Joseph Tonge
Subjects studied: Biology, Maths, Chemistry and History
Currently in his 4th year studying MBCbB medicine with Intercalated BSc in Paediatric Endocrinology at the University of Sheffield.

Mollie Evans
Subjects studied: Biology, Chemistry and Maths
Currently in her 5th year of studying Medicine at University of Birmingham.  Alongside her medicine degree Mollie is also doing a second degree - BmedSc Clinical Sciences (reproduction of women’s health).

Daniel Ibbitson
Subjects studied: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Daniel went on to study Biochemistry at Huddersfield University.  He now works in the research and design department at Reckitt Benckiser for Air Wick.

Madelaine Roystone
Subjects studied: Psychology, 
Currently in her 3rd and final year studying Counselling Psychology at Leeds Trinity University.  Madelaine is hoping to become a qualified counsellor working with children and teens in schools.  During her first and second year at university Madelaine was able to complete placements at different behavioural centred schools which made her realise that this is the area she felt she would like to make a difference in. 
Climbing Helvellyn, one of the biggest mountains in the UK.

Toby Hall
Subjects studied: Maths, Further Maths and Physics
Currently studying Liberal Arts at the University of Leeds.

Ellie Milnes
Subjects studied: Maths, Biology and double Sport
Currently in her second year at Sheffield Hallam University studying Physical Education and School Sports.