Student progress is monitored throughout their 2 year or 3 year course through internal assessments and Praising Stars.

Praising Stars

Students are issued with a Praising Stars report each half term and this will indicate effort level and predicted grade at the end of the course.  Assessments, homework, classwork and independent work are all taken into account to inform their Praising Stars report.

Each half term year 12 and year 13 students will sit an informal assessment based on content taught. More formal assessments take place in the Autumn term for Year 13 and in the Spring/Summer terms for both years 12 and 13.  Any student with exam access arrangements will receive this support in both formal and informal assessments.  

Year 12 Assessments

Formal practice examinations will take place in the Spring/Summer terms.  Students are given a timetable and a formal results day when students will receive their results.  Any student who fails an examination will have a meeting with SLT and intervention put in place to help students achieve or exceed their target grade.   

Year 13 Assessments

Formal practice exams will take place in the Autumn term of year 13 and intervention is put in place to support students to achieve or exceed their target grade.  The external examinations set by the exam boards will take place in the summer term and results are issued in August.